Around NYC in Five Eateries

Gatsby’s on the Bay is a new american restaurant located at 695 Bay Street, Staten Island.

For NYU students that tend to stay in their Greenwich Village bubble, the best way to explore the rest of New York City is through food. Here are the best places to eat in each of the boroughs you may choose to explore.

Queens — Golden Shopping Mall Food Court
41-28 Main St, Flushing
In the basement of the Golden Shopping Mall, you can find more authentic Chinese food than you can in Chinatown. In the food court, they serve foods from all over China, including Gansu, Xinjiang, and Hebei. The mall was also the original home of the now the renowned Xi’an Famous Foods, whose long, hot and fresh noodles have spread to nine other locations around the city.

Brooklyn — Roberta’s Pizza
261 Moore St, Brooklyn
This cheap and trendy pizza joint is best known for their delicious brick oven pizza. People come from every borough to try Roberta’s and are never disappointed. Featuring an indoor and outdoor seating area both decorated with lights, Roberta’s hipster-chic pizzeria has it all.   

Bronx — Lechonera La Piraña
E 152nd St, Bronx
Unlike the other borough, the best of the Bronx is not found in a restaurant, but a food truck. Don’t let that turn you away. This truck features the best Puerto Rican food cooked right in front of you by Angel “Piraña” Jimenez, a one-man show. The meat comes in fresh throughout the day and is one of the reasons why this truck is such a hit with the locals. Things like echon con arroz y gandules (roasted pork with rice), crab empanadas and even seafood salad are served here. If you think Manhattan’s Halal carts are good, just wait until you try this.  


Manhattan — Carmine’s
200 W 44th St
In the mood for some traditional Italian comfort food? This classic family style restaurant serves massive portions of delicious food. One dish alone serves four people, so going with a group is your best option if you don’t want to drown in pasta. Sharing food and feeling satisfyingly stuffed from this drool-worthy menu provides for an intimate setting.

Staten Island — Gatsby’s on the Bay
695 Bay Street, Staten Island
Gatsby’s on the Bay is the type of restaurant that you can’t just visit once. If you’re a Gatsby fan who has always dreamed having ‘old money’ this is the place for you. The 1920s inspired American restaurant serves classics along with a plethora of cocktails. With entrees like truffle mac and cheese and seafood risotto, how could you go wrong?

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