Maggie Rogers’ ‘Alaska’ is Larger Than Life

After much anticipation, artist/producer/songwriter and NYU alumna Maggie Rogers released the video for her song “Alaska” on Oct. 14. After appearing earlier this year in a YouTube video alongside an awe-filled Pharrell Williams, who was teaching a masterclass at Tisch School of the Arts’ Clive Davis Institute at the time, her song went viral. The song itself is already stunning and infectious to the ears, but with the video, another dimension of beauty emerges, pulling viewers further into the rarity of Rogers’ music. Set in an open field near sunset, the song starts off in the groove of nature. As the hum of crickets combines with Rogers’ own recordings of the sounds of hiking, an energetic but simultaneously soothing beat comes in and sets the video into motion. Rogers’ voice is airy and smooth, her lyrics are packed with emotion and honesty, her dance moves are free and unnatural but enthralling; her eyes are confident. The video’s visuals bring the song and its sonic coloring to life.

At the start of the second chorus, the video switches and Rogers’ electronic dance music influences come in, seamlessly flowing into her natural, sweet and folky vibe. Suddenly, it’s nighttime. There are clouds of smoke, flashes of colorful light and people are dancing between the trees. Rogers’ voice floats around the forest and through the now deeper, darker beat. It is a scene of bliss.

All through this video, it’s clear that Rogers is in love with music. Her sound is natural, raw and captivating. It’s not trying to be anything but exactly who she is. Right now, “Alaska” is everywhere, and it isn’t going away anytime soon.

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