Get Creative With Dining Hall Food

Lily Li
Below is a guide to help NYU students get creative when it comes to simple and boring dining hall food.

Going to the dining hall every day is mundane. To liven it up a bit, have you considered making some creative combinations with ingredients you can find in the cafeteria to brighten your dining hall experience? For those who decide to eat on campus this semester, we have some recipes that you can try.

Bagel Ice Cream Pineapple Sandwich

Although we know the summer just passed, it’s never too late for an ice cream sandwich!

You need:

A bagel from the bread station

Ice cream of your choice (vanilla is recommended for this recipe)

Some pineapple

A knife (to spread ice cream)

Separate the bagel, grab one of the halves, set the other half aside. Spread the ice cream on the bagel evenly with a knife. Place the pineapple pieces on the ice cream. Put the other half of the bagel on the pineapples. Show it off to your friend and enjoy!

Cereal Mix Ice Cream Sundae

Here is another ice cream recipe, but nobody’s stopping you from trying both recipes in one day.

You need:

All kinds of cereals (Cheerios, Tootie Fruits, Chocolate Crunch, you name it)

Ice cream of your choice

Blueberry jelly or honey

Mix the cereals, and separate them in two piles. Lay the first pile in a bowl. Put the ice cream on top of the cereal pile. Place the other pile of mixed-cereal on top. Decorate it with blueberry jelly or honey on top.

Toast with Cream Cheese and Blueberries

If you make this dish properly, it may look like a dessert from a fancy restaurant.

You need:

A piece of toast

Some cream cheese

A packet of sugar (this is the secret ingredient)

Some blueberries

Put the bread in the toaster and wait until it is toasted. Spread cream cheese evenly on the toast. Carefully sprinkle the packet of sugar on the cream cheese. Place the blueberries on top.

Nutella Banana Minidonut Tart

Nutella is good with everything.

You need:

Three minidonuts

(from dessert station)

Nutella (usually near the bread station)

A banana

Cut the banana into small pieces (about a half inch wide). Lay the first minidonut on the plate. Carefully spread some Nutella on the minidonut and place the banana atop the nutella. Lay another minidonut on top of the banana and repeat. Place the last minidonut vertically on top as decoration.

Tetra-Cucumber Tuna Salad Pie

Sounds super healthy!

You need:

Four pieces of cut cucumber (at the salad bar)

Tuna salad (also at the salad bar)

Some olives

One cherry tomato

Place the first piece of cucumber on a plate. Spread some tuna salad on it evenly and top with an olive. Place another piece of cucumber on the tuna salad. Repeat steps two and three and end with a cucumber on top. Cut the cherry tomato in half. Put the half cherry tomato on top as decoration.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Oct. 3 print edition. Email Lily Li at [email protected]



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