NYU Foodstagrammers To Help You Navigate NYC’s Eats

Millennials in today’s age of tech take part in the trend of documenting their food on Snapchat and Instagram before they eat it.

“Wait! Don’t eat it. I need to take a picture of it.”

Sound familiar? This “ritual” that may take place before any given meal originated two to three years ago and has since gained popularity, thanks to Snapchat and Instagram. Today, millennials turn to these platforms to document their meals and share them with others to create more buzz and in turn, making those eating at home both jealous and hungry.

We’ve all read the BuzzFeed articles recommending new places in NYC to hit up, seen the Tastemade videos that we’re far too lazy to try out and followed all the public stories on Snapchat that transport us to whichever crazy food festival is taking place around the world. Let’s admit it — we’re obsessed with food on social media. We’ve gathered a collection of the best NYU foodstagrammers to help you navigate the saturated food landscape in New York City.


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LS sophomore Ahmed El Wakeel — or Wakeel, as his friends call him — started his food Instagram page out of pure love for the way food is made and the stories behind it. He enjoys going out to new places and trying different kinds of food — be it a Michelin Star restaurant or the corner hot dog joint.

While some instagrammers focus on getting the perfect shot, Wakeel prefers to pay more attention to his captions than the picture, detailing the preparation of the food and ingredients.

“Food is not something to be down to earth about,” Wakeel said.

Looks like WakeelWrites and WakeelEats!


Steinhardt sophomore Alex Tringali and Tisch sophomore Hannah Currie became best friends over their joint passion for food and its presentation.

“It just felt weird to eat and not take a picture when the food is presented so well,” Tringali said.

Their philosophy that you eat with your eyes first resulted in their hunger-inducing pictures on their page.

“Always use natural light and don’t over edit the picture,” Currie advised.

They discover places to go through BuzzFeed, Facebook or by just walking past something interesting. This duo finds joy in sharing meals with other people and is always asking if anyone is up for brunch.


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Gallatin sophomore Sophia Hampton’s passion for cooking organic and healthy meals is just one of the reasons she created her Instagram page. She posts quick and easy recipes in her captions to help more NYU students realize that preparing your own meals can be simple.

“College food only sucks if you let it,” Hampton said. “Cooking and eating right is not hard!”

The Union Square Farmer’s Market is one of her favorite places to buy the high quality veggies and meat that she uses to make mouth-watering dishes.

“There’s an added level of consciousness when you’re cooking your own meals,” Hampton said.


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