Zang Toi S/S 2017

As guests took their seats, romantic French music charmed the crowd at Zang Toi’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection, Glorious Giverny Garden. Spring in France was definitely reflected from the opening look to the finale, with black, beige, and purple being the colours of choice.

Toi held to tradition, with the show having three distinct parts leading from more casual daily wear to stunning evening gowns. Models first emerged draped in black trench coats and beige cardigans, a more practical contrast to the designer’s typical looks. A transition in music signified the changes in the collection, with the second segment introducing embroidered flowers and more formal looks. One standout was the dramatic trench ball gown that was lined with violet silk.

The gowns ranged from solid colors, to a mix of black and lilac, to various shades of purple, but all were striking. The finale featured a solid violet gown with a lilac shrug that was encrusted with beaded silk pansies, embodying Toi’s vision of a flourishing garden.

The most spectacular pieces were the two gemstone chokers in the final segment of the collection. A continuation from the last few seasons, the lilac and violet hand-encrusted chokers elevated the looks and drew gasps from the crowd.


The collection perfectly captured the essence of a garden in springtime and held true to the elegance and attention to detail Toi is known for. With an orchestral closing, the show was able to transport the audience to a tranquil garden in France.

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