Jurjis Jarvis S/S 2017

Laura Tucciarone, Contributing Writer

The Jurjis Jarvis Spring/Summer 2017 presentation was exactly what it hoped to be. The program for the presentation had “Eclectic nou-veau riche” printed in bold font at the top, emphasizing the theme of the collection.

20 models were arranged around the studio, wearing warm colors and striking silhouettes. The male models and the female models were separated and arranged to mirror their corresponding partner, and adorned in a similar hue to coordinate.

For men, vibrant red, orange and yellow prints were elegantly draped as jackets in “priest” inspired attire. Taking notes from religious dress, the shirts were adorned with high collars that made them feel conservative while also daring, especially for men’s attire.

The women were dressed in sheaths that emphasized cut. The dresses were oftentimes lacking in traditional seams, and instead had gold elastic, which suspended leg slits and exposed shoulders. The dresses felt as ‘90s as the chokers the models wore. Red satin and white silk were marked with the occasional ruffle and flower print, which made the dresses an eclectic yet fitting match when faced directly across from the menswear line.

The line between conservative and daring was blended, making this presentation a promising one for the up and coming Jurjis Jarvis.

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