Two-Credit Classes Are the Perfect Appetizer for More Academic Courses

Lily Li
Steinhardt offers a number of individual and group music lessons for almost all instruments.

The majority of NYU undergraduates take four 4-credit classes each semester, but NYU tuition actually includes 18 credits each semester, leaving room for a 2-credit course. That little-known leeway for an extra class — which can be filled during the NYU add/drop period that extends until Monday, Sept. 19 — goes to waste often for students who are either too busy or just don’t know about this flexibility.

The faculty of each of NYU’s schools determine their own academic programs, so the 2-credit courses vary from school to school. In science classes in CAS or Tandon, lab studies are usually 2-credit. These labs are not open to other students and go along with the the 4-credit main course. In other schools, a 2-credit course could mean an independent study or internship.

If you have an interest that is outside your major but don’t want to spend a tremendous amount on it, 2-credit courses are for you.

Business of Video Games

Calling all game lovers: in this “game behind the game” class, students will discuss current trends and explore the video game industry. It may be a chance to learn about the secrets behind the successful launching of popular games like Pokemon Go and Flappy Birds. If inspired, this could also be an entrepreneur’s first step to publishing his own game.

The Travel habit: On The Road in The Thirties; The Art of Travel

If you are planning on studying abroad, you can take The Travel Habit: On The Road in The Thirties now and The Art of Travel when you are away. The former addresses the special period of tourism in the thirties, when many people gave up their homes instead of their cars. The class entails stories of hitchhikers on the road, family vacations and the exploration of the government’s role in the business of travel at the time. The latter is an online course for students studying abroad to share their experiences in their respective cities and exchange unique stories and thoughts.

Photography: The World Through the Lens

New to the city and want to make some great memories? According to the course syllabus, “this non-darkroom class explores the photograph’s ability to convey ideas and tell stories.” There will be weekly assignments that allow students to go out and observe the city they are living in.

Food in the Arts: Poetic Voice; The Arts: Drawing

Food is art. Food in the Arts: Poetic Voice displays the ways in which writers, artists, musicians and filmmakers have used food as a theme or symbol in their artwork. For art amateurs who aren’t necessarily interested in food, The Arts: Drawing is a good way to advance from doodling to art.

Music Lessons

It doesn’t matter if you have played an instrument before; it is never too late to learn. Tisch and Steinhardt offer a wide range of music lessons from piano to violin and guitar.

CAS senior Jennifer Shen, who decided to take a guitar class, said, “I have never taken a music class at NYU before, and since I am a senior now, I just want to try something artsy.”

The school encourages students to try out these 2-credit classes. The 18-credit per semester structure “serves students well and is in place to give students flexibility, to allow them to take classes that they might not otherwise have a chance to take,” NYU spokesman John Beckman said. These classes are “meant to work to a student’s advantage to let him or her take different types of courses, or to accommodate specific types of courses.”

Hopefully everyone could find the 2-credit class that fits them best and enjoy this appetizer along with their main courses of the semester.

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