Miguel Vieira S/S 2017

Courtney Dodge, Contributing Writer

The color palette was about the only neutral aspect of Miguel Vieira’s Spring/Summer 2017 runway show. Straying from the royal blue tones present in some of his previous collections, Vieira opted for a metallic sheen that made its mark on numerous pieces of the women’s collection. While it was perhaps overused in some pieces, it enhanced others, complementing sophistication with a flirty edge. Prints also consumed the show, transforming simple black and white pieces into walking optical illusions. The combination of prints on the men’s suits was certainly a bold move, but it successfully defied the notion that wearing more than one print in an outfit is unacceptable.

Sitting so effortlessly on the waist of both the dresses and two piece outfits of the women’s collection were thin black belts that had a large portion dangling down and swaying with each of the models’ steps. Colorful flower brooches on the men’s suit jackets almost seemed as though they shouldn’t have been there, yet still showcased a wonderful side of whimsy. Male models walked primarily in sandals and loafers, which cooled down the geometric prints found in many suits, and created a relaxed vibe. Female models graced the runway with black chunky heels that complemented the pieces without diverting attention away from the complexity of the outfits.

The diverse group of models all radiated an innocent glow with natural makeup that accentuated the purity of their untouched faces. Hair was kept natural as well, with middle parts and the slightest bit of a wave suggestive of hair blowing in the breeze.

Overall, Miguel Vieira’s collection radiated effortless complexity, a seemingly contradicting description, but one that maintained cohesion in a manner that can’t be logically explained.

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