Julianna Bass S/S 2017

Kaylee Warren, Contributing Writer

Atmospheric, otherworldly music laced with fleeting piano notes welcomed you to Julianna Bass’s Spring/Summer 2017 post-apocalyptic dreamscape. Three words set the tone for the presentation: “pink cloud syndrome.” It’s defined in the presentation handbook as irrational grandiosity in a time of despair, a cultivated detachment from reality, a breath of fresh air between cigarettes, an extra life when you’re already on your ninth.

Before the presentation begins, rose tinted lights and a backdrop of moving clouds draw you in, foreshadowing the syndrome you’re about to catch.

Deep Vs and angelic off the shoulder blouses carry on this sense of heaven, which is further accentuated by the light rose dusting of the models eyes that sparkles in the natural light emanating from giant windows on the upper level of the venue.

Continuing with her past collections, Bass incorporates geometric squares into black, organza blazers, high waisted shorts, and dresses.

“It’s my thing at the moment,” said Bass when asked about her attraction to this detail. Illusion mesh art textural silhouettes, as featured in blush silk tees, robin’s egg sheath dresses, and mint silk gowns, are another confessed favorite of Bass’.

Primarily showcasing muted pinks, greens, and ivory, there were moments in the collection that bordered on being sleepy but sudden bursts of passionate prints quickly awakened the audience. Twisted pinks, blues, purples and black infuse to create a kaleidoscopic print that’s actually the work of Berlin photographer Blaz Kutin. Having lived in Berlin, Bass spent time there immersing herself in the art scene in a way that continues to inspire her collections.

“I like to translate the work of artists I’ve both worked with and love into fabric,” said Bass.

The new world energy and warehouse vibes seem to whisper that the world is ending, but this spring/summer collection reassures that something beautiful is taking its place.

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