Anniesa Hasibuan S/S 2017

Kaitlyn Wang, Contributing Writer

In Anniesa Hasibuan’s spring/summer 2017 collection, flowing capes, elaborate laces, and pastel silks reigned supreme. The Muslima wear collection was flowing and lovely, versatile, and definitely memorable. The Indonesian designer easily evoked the breezy feeling of spring with light colors like cotton candy pink and baby blue dominating the collection, darker colors such as olive green and deep purples interspersed sparsely throughout. Hasibuan’s collection remained safely in the recognizable spring palette, but blending the pastels masterfully with the darker hues made the outfits stand out.

The first few outfits down the runway, though beautifully structured and paired, were simple. Silk prints and solids were used equally to contrast each other, and metallic pieces like a pair of gold pants and a silver long coat brought some pop to otherwise one toned outfits. But as the show continued, the outfits evoked what Hasibuan is more known for: elaborate detail work.

In the show’s standout piece, a long, white dress was decorated with ornate gold lace and copper sequins. The look was topped off with a long, sheer cape, the train of which was spread delicately on the top of the train of the dress. The cape was further decorated with beads and crystals in the shapes of flowers, and the model’s hijab was stitched with pearls. The last piece of the show, Hasibuan certainly saved the most decadent and most breathtaking outfit for when it could leave the biggest impression on the audience’s mind.

Hasibuan first came onto the fashion scene in March of 2015, displaying her Muslima wear collection at the London Kaftan festival. In February, she showcased her designs at Couture Fashion Week in New York. Now, Hasibuan’s designs are gracing a New York Fashion Week’s runway, the first time in history a hijab designer has done so and we can surely expect more diversity in the seasons to come.

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