Carmen Marc Valvo S/S 2017

By Connor Borden, Contributing Writer

Sitting riverside at Pier 59, the Carmen Marc Valvo Spring/Summer 2017 collection forced spectators and passersby alike to pause in awe. In light this day of remembrance across the nation, Valvo offered a respite and a haven from the memories so close to home here in New York. With masterful execution and brilliant design, Valvo continues his pattern of professional, classic fashion.

The models were all impeccably styled. With makeup emulating a sun kissed glow, bright lips, and hair teased toward the sky and topped with a bow, the models were the strutting emblems of summertime. Each of the models were devoid of jewelry, a feature that draws the eye just as easily as any statement piece could. Even more interesting the models wore canvas sneakers with their swimwear and dresses alike, a new move for Valvo.

The collection appeared to be a natural progression for Valvo, capitalizing on years of experience in fashion. Since his previous seasons, this collection feels more downplayed, especially in comparison to his Spring/Summer 2016. Departing from the all too common temptation of the brightest mixture of colors on a piece, Valvo chooses instead to mute some of that saturation, which added an air of refinement to this collection. He did include florals, yet instead of simply using flowery patterns he textures the dresses and swimwear with fabric resembling flowers and added a facet of reverence for the fashion of the midcentury.

Overall, the collection was elegant but did not feel innovative or modern. However it cannot be denied that Carmen Marc Valvo S/S 2017 exuded classic style and absolute artistry.

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