Francesca Liberatore S/S 2017

By Mallori Albright, Staff Writer

Francesca Liberatore showed up at New York Fashion Week with another show-stopping runway show. For this spring/summer collection, Liberatore took on an “anti-summer” and used cooler weather fabrics such as suede, velvet, and satin. These fabrics, usually associated with fall and winter, were cut into traditional summer silhouettes such as slip dresses with spaghetti straps, rompers, and shorts. One of the most interesting aspects of the collection was the fact that Liberatore created in a myriad of colors. Liberatore stepped away from her usual Spring/Summer colors of blood orange, cream, and camel in order to use new colors of fuschia, teal, olive, peach, lime green, and royal purple. Liberatore also incorporated embellishments of crystals, plaid, and patterns.
While the colors of the clothing items were vibrant and new for Liberatore, they were actually metaphors for the collection: Elevation and Celebration of the Feminine. According to the show’s program, the collection’s colors “intertwine, forming color explosions and experimental checks. And the great “balloon shapes” found in pleats, bows, and flowing fabrics “represent the messenger of the sky as well as lend a nod to the iconic silhouette of the 1950’s.” Both the colors and shapes of the collection were true to Liberatore’s theme of freedom and change. The pieces were light and airy for summer but also liberating. And the variety of the clothing depicted the changes that everyday women go through. With this latest collection, Liberatore created her best embodiment of the modern woman.

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