Fashion Palatte RTW S/S 2017

The up-and-coming Australian labels featured in Fashion Palette‘s Spring/Summer 2017 show showed ambition in their designs, but the results were hit-or-miss.

Con Ilio opened the show on a high note, focusing on flowing gowns with floral designs, a common spring/summer theme. Cristahlea carried on the floral patterns, but with less full-bodied skirts and more jeweled bodices.

While the first two labels chose to showcase more elaborate clothing, Stephanie Chehade opted for minimal, black and white ensembles. Chehade’s sleek designs featured unique takes on the two-piece suit, and her skillful balancing of elements like masculine and feminine, modern and classic, made her collection a personal favorite.

Homebodii provided another shift in theme to lacy, sheer rompers and kimonos in nude and white tones that connoted images of vacations at the beach.


Sui Generis made half-hearted attempts at experimenting with shades of purple and grid patterns on different pieces.

Milanja closed the show with an anti-climatic runway featuring dresses that were plain and unoriginal. Though the show started strong, the last two labels failed to follow the lead of the first four in establishing a coherent message through their clothing.

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