Helen Yarmak S/S 2017

Daniela Weinstein, Contributing Writer

One can’t help but feel like a socialite the moment she steps foot onto the 23rd floor penthouse of Helen Yarmak’s Spring/Summer 2017 presentation. Waiters circled around to offer guests glasses of white wine while french love tunes softly played in the background. The room had huge windows all around that allowed natural light to pass through. A large bucket of traditional Russian candies had been passed around to heighten feelings of pleasure. The crowd that gathered to see such intricate and exquisite pieces was not spared from feeling luxury and indulgence.

A unique characteristic of the presentation was its intimate yet interactive environment and ambience. Models had walked in the beautiful pieces throughout the event and allowed guests to touch the fur to take in the craftsmanship and beauty.

The presentation displayed an array of sables, minks, and sheared lambs. Yarmak showed many pastels including ice blues and baby pinks, as well as bright rich colors of electric blues, rich burgundies, and bright oranges collaborated together creating a color-blocked image. The cutouts and patchwork were incredibly detailed.  

One of the distinguishing features that Yarmak uses so well is having reversible pieces, allowing  the customer to enjoy two within one purchased piece. Statement pieces were easily transformed into everyday vests, jackets, and hoods that can be used in the rain with incredible versatility. Some of the pieces showed unusual metallic patterns while others included 3D geometric cubes, diamonds, birds, and lilies. The whimsical, fairytale-like lilies and birds were present on several pieces. 

Yarmak stated that versatility allows any woman to travel and always have something to wear at any given time. She loves the reversibility aspect of her collections because it brings the ease and practicality. It is not surprising that Yarmak has a great following and recognition in the world of luxurious fur garments. Born in Ukraine, Yarmak understands well the need of fur in a cold climate yet always strives to make versatile pieces for every occasion for every woman.

To highlight the beautiful colors and patterns of the furs, all of the models wore sleek white jump suits underneath with simple heels. Later, once they reversed the items, they changed into colorful sneakers with jewel accents for more of a sporty and easy-going look. Makeup was kept to a minimum with emphasis on burgundy lips; the hair was simply pushed into a low bun.

The positive energy that was palpable in the room due to the design, versatility and details deserves praise for yet another interesting collection. Yarmak’s ingenuity and charm proved that her ability to have clothes undergo a metamorphosis is once again simply fabulous.

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