Denibi S/S 2017

Courtesy of Dan Lecca

Denibi came out with a fresh, effortless business look for their Utopia Collection Spring/Summer 2017 runway show. It opened with earthy sounds and nature seemed to call out each look. The clean lines and monochrome looks highlighted details like buttons and cropped hems. The first look was a luxurious navy duster with silk lapels, which was followed by a contrasting structured cape with a high neckline in creamy whites. One particularly eye-catching look seemed to diverge from the others: a lush velvet midnight toned bomber with gold buttons paired with a simple white accordion skirt. It stood out amidst the prim blazers and proper ponchos.

The looks stemmed from the “single ebony wood mask named Nostalgia” as stated in the collection notes, which was evident in the ivory backpacks showcased twice with the mentioned wood masks. With fresh faces designed by makeup artist Cheve Chan, each model entered with a dewy look and undone brows to pair with the stunning garments. The makeup on the models, “emphasize and blend in with the outfit,” said Chan, adding that, “a boy brow gives more character.” The complete effect was a nod to the definition of Denibi: an untouched and unscathed utopia of maximum creativity.

Aube, a model who was seen sporting an ivory scarf and coat shared the same enthusiasm for the nature-infused collection. “Everything is flawless and perfect. My makeup is very natural, which I like. Not too much makeup or cakey, but beautiful and soft,” said Aube.

The collection overall was a new age of clean classic meets the natural born-this-way freshness. Crisp, clean-cut lines and a natural look — what more could you ask for? Denibi tastefully featured the basics with a flair of unique craftsmanship this S/S 2017 season.  



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