NYU to Rename Nursing School After $30 Million Donation


Courtesy of Krista Traub

After receiving a donation of $30 million, the College of Nursing will be renamed after Rose Mary “Rory” Meyers and her husband Howard. A majority of the funds will aid nursing students in need.

Lexi Faunce and Anne Cruz

The NYU College of Nursing will be renamed after Rose Marie “Rory” Meyers, who donated $30 million dollars with her husband, Howard Meyers, in the largest donation for scholarship aid to NYU’s Momentum Campaign. The school will now be known as the Rory Meyers College of Nursing.

Meyers was a first generation college student who went on to become a nurse, while her husband is a Stern alumnus and now resides as an NYU Trustee and member of Stern’s Board of Overseers.

Three quarters of the fund — $22.5 million — will assist low income, first generation nursing students, while $7.5 million will support the school’s academic programs and faculty.

NYU President Andrew Hamilton thanked the Meyers for their generosity, saying new students will be able to join the nursing profession because of their donation.

“In honoring Rory in this fashion, the Meyers family in a single act strengthens a noble profession; makes a nursing degree affordable to those with great talent and modest means; supports academic excellence at NYU’s nursing college; and, most importantly, honors Rory’s life as a nurse for all time,” Hamilton said in a press release.

Nursing sophomore Kevin Mendoza said the Meyers’ gift will not only give assistance to students who need it most, but also increase awareness about the nursing school in general.

“I feel that the generous donation from Howard and Rory Meyers will help garner both respect and attention for the wonderful institution that is the Rory Meyers College of Nursing,” Mendoza said. “So often, I feel that nursing students go unnoticed within the NYU community.”

In addition Mendoza said the donation will enable the Meyers College of Nursing to offer its students better financial aid.

Nursing senior Krista Traub said with the help of the Meyers’ donation, more students will have equal opportunity to pursue their dream of becoming passionate nurses.

“NYU nursing is one of the best programs in the nation and this donation will help advance the school and the nurses it creates to be the best in the the field, through better resources and opportunities,” Traub said. “Nursing is an incredible field that touches the lives of everyone at some point in their life, so it is fantastic that the Meyers’ gift recognized that and supports us.”

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