[VIDEO] Chatting With Get Inuit and Blaenavon at SXSW ’16


For our last dispatch from SXSW, here are interviews with Get Inuit and Blaenavon.

We met up with Get Inuit before their first appearance at SXSW. We chatted about their recent gig to BBC and how the grunge-pop group felt about the experience. So why grunge-pop? According to lead singer Jamie Glass, it’s the “guitars [and the] instruments.” Plus, “grunge is cool at the moment.” They credit their songwriting process to Jamie’s misery which is eventually turned into “feel good music.”

Menawhile, Blaenavon’s plans after SXSW are pretty simple: touring and putting the finishing touches on their forthcoming album, coming out at the end of the summer. While on their first trip to the US, they experienced the quintessential American pool party which “is exactly as [they] imagined” and are on their way to headlining a tour in the UK in May. While they won’t disclose what they’re most looking forward to, we can say that we’re excited for whatever it is. Check out our recap of their gig at Latitude 30 here.


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