Acid Dad Rocks DJ Set at Alaska

Acid Dad, whose members are all former NYU students, will be going on tour at the end of this month.

Psych punk foursome Acid Dad — whose three founding members are all former NYU students — will be embarking on an extensive U.S. tour beginning at the end of February. They are getting a lot of attention, and they should be. They have quickly established themselves in the Brooklyn music scene in the last year with their tight sound, shrill and exciting vocals and dark, satanic vibe.

The band did a DJ set at Alaska last Friday night, a goodbye to New York before they embark on their tour. The setup was low-key, limited to the band, a MacBook Pro, Spotify, YouTube and a projector showing silent, subtitled episodes of “Better Call Saul.” The highlights of the night were the songs “Venus” by Bananarama, most well known for its appearance in Gillette’s Venus razor commercials, and T.Rex’s 70s groove “Jeepster.” The bar was filled with smoke, beer and dancing, as the members of Acid Dad would periodically roam into the crowd and sway and twist to their tunes of choice. As homage to the band and their hometown goodbye DJ party, someone wrote “Acid Dad Sucks” in big block letters above the clogged toilet.

The night progressed with music, dancing, exchange students from Mexico taking tequila shots, denim-clad Brooklynites hand rolling cigarettes against the cold winds of 3 a.m. and a very peppy red-haired drug dealer who was excited about his product.

There was no sign on the building, no cover and no bouncer at the door. There was $4 Bud Light and the bathrooms were disgusting. It was very Brooklyn. Acid Dad’s DJ set at Alaska had everything expected and then some.


The band filled Alaska with the same spirit and energy that they bring to their shows. And their song choices, however groovy or odd they were, gave an insight into the band’s interests and influences, along with their laid-back personalities.

Catch Acid Dad’s final show before their tour on Feb. 24th. They are playing some of their songs for The Special without Brett Davis, recently changed to The Special with Jesse Champ, a live comedy and music show taped every Wednesday night in New York’s Manhattan Neighborhood
Network studio.

A version of this article appeared in the Feb. 22 print edition. Email Gilchrist Green at [email protected]



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