Libertine Fall/Winter 2016

Ali Webb, Violet Vision Editor

Libertine’s latest collection was undeniably one of the loudest and most colorful of Fashion Week from the moment the show began. Creative director Johnson Hartig’s forte is revolutionizing fashion through graphics and deconstruction, and he stuck to this signature style for Fall/Winter 2016 with bright, busy, attention-demanding pieces.

The collection consisted of largely casual clothing which became a statement through texture, graphic design, and decoration. Basic pieces were adorned with sequins and patches galore, consisting of love-promoting words as well as images of rainbows, hands, and flowers. Several models donned bright parkas, with these featuring neon furs, busy patterns, and landscape prints. Hartig also included capes in the collection, a clever move as this gave him extensive room for creativity. A black cape covered in clock and heart images truly embodied his intended message, as rainbow letters spelled “Time for Love.”

Despite the overall chaos, unity was evident throughout the show. Female models wore their hair half braided and half down, with several bright, clip-in bows pinned at the back. They paired this look with bedazzled lace tights and heels decked out with feathers and ruffles. Men had less obvious uniting details, but they all shared a casual coolness, wearing black, comfortable shoes and confidently embracing their looks’ defining aspects, whether it was a message-covered scarf or a classic baseball cap.

The show ended with models dancing down the runway holding signs with liberal messages such as “Feel the Bern” and “Save the Planet,” summing up Libertine’s embrace of individuality and change. This collection was a proud celebration of love as well as revolution in the fashion and political worlds.

Ali Webb is the Violet Vision Editor. Email her at [email protected].