XULY.Bët Fall/Winter 2016

Christine Wang, Deputy News Editor

XULY.Bët’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection was not only momentous artistically, but historically, as it was the first all-black fashion show in all of NYFW history. Inspired by designer Lamine Badian Kouyaté’s West African roots, each piece was a new, mosaic-like mixing of culture and fashion.

It was clear within the first few ensembles that the fearless and effortless clash of pattern and fabric we saw with Lamine’s previous collections resurfaced as a key feature of this recent collection. Highly unique, each outfit had a strong voice emblazoned with neon, punctuated by striking high heels.

Every ensemble was tied together with statement tights. The tights were made of a disco-pant shiny material and ranged from a glittery emerald with black swirls and a bright pink zebra print to metallic silver.  

The colorful brilliance of each outfit was the central theme throughout the collection. The collection breathed diversity, ranging from extravagant carmine fur vests paired with rich gold jumpsuits, to casual oversized sports jersey jackets.

Every model rocked either gorgeously voluminous curls or sleek cornrows and strut down the runway to an uplifting beat. Overall, the collection was bright, fun, bold, enticingly avant garde and, most importantly, empowering.

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