Carmen Marc Valvo Fall/Winter 2016

Ali Webb and Mina Kaji


Carmen Marc Valvo’s Fall/Winter 2016 show had the Gatsby-esque ambience of an elegant, exclusive party. The designer is famous for creating fine gowns and suits, and the latest collection perfectly aligned with his aesthetic.

The outfits were largely black and gold, with a hint of Valvo’s signature deep red, which he described as “a splash of Bordeaux” in a poem explaining the collection’s theme to guests. Sequin-and-lace-covered gowns added extravagance, and mink coats addressed winter’s chills in the classiest way. For the men, Valvo stuck to all-black suits, several of which had leather accents. Several models wore dark sunglasses to add an air of cool.

A few looks featured flower detailing, referencing Valvo’s spring collection while fitting in perfectly with the black-and-gold theme. However, the most memorable piece was a deep red gown, as the color had only been an accent elsewhere in the collection. The dress, with its thin leather belt and capelet detail, was flattering and classic, qualities typical of the designer’s work.

Valvo showcased his most tried-and-true elements for this collection, combining this with a rocker-chic look. The sunglasses, tousled updos, and leather details made the ensembles undeniably modern despite the abundant traditional eveningwear. Most models wore black heeled booties, some with gold zipper accents. Although Valvo’s party was certainly exclusive, the collection’s rocker elements brought an air of popular culture rooting in the young crowd. Like in Gatsby, the show effortlessly blended old and new sophisticated tastes.

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