New York Collections Fall/Winter 2016

Colin Burke, Contributing Writer

Oxford Fashion Studies hosted an intimate yet glamorous event on Friday, featuring designers from around the world. The “New York Collections” featured Lenie Boya, Stefano Collection, Arthur Avellano, Hanbyel Kang, and Alexis Walsh. The show, held at Midtown’s swanky Studio 450, had several great moments, as well as some less-than-stellar looks.

Oxford-based Lenie Boya kicked off the show with a collection that reflected her signature aesthetic– minimalism mixed with avant garde design elements. Her black-and-white evening looks featured three-dimensional, intricate structural elements. The opening look was a black, floor-length gown with a white over-layer which created a swan-like image as the model opened her arm.

Next was the Stefano Collection, which prioritized attention to design over flashiness. The Stefano Collection displayed gorgeous outerwear for men and women. The pieces were not as gasp-worthy as Boya’s swan dress, but the pieces, mostly leather jackets, were unquestionably well-made.

While Stefano Collection was simple and modern, Arthur Avellano’s menswear collection was more futuristic. Rubbery trench coats were a recurring piece in the french designer’s collection, seeming to come from an upcoming century. The coats were incredible, but lost their magic when styled alongside wide-legged pants.

South Korean designer Hanbyel Kang delivered one of the best collections of the night. Her designs were bohemian chic, as she played with interaction between lace and knitwear. She took familiar looks, like the matching crop-top and skirt, and fit them to her aesthetic. Her designs align well with modern trends, leaving Kang’s pieces promising for future popularity among young crowds.

Alexis Walsh closed the show with a collection that ultimately missed the mark. Walsh, a recent Parsons graduate, had a strong vision but lacked in her execution. Design flaws (whether intentional or not), such as messy hems and botched seams, distracted the audience from appreciating the work. One model even had to hold up an ill-fitting skirt, eliciting whispers among the audience.

The show as a whole was a mixed bag. It neither amazed nor disappointed, with some designers, particularly Kang and Stefano, outshining others.

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