iiJin Fall/Winter 2016

iiJin means “precious” in Korean, but this by no means implies the brand has a cute or delicate style. Punk was alive with iiJin’s Fall/Winter 2016 show.

Red and black plaid patterns, which seem to be one of the line’s motifs, were once again featured in this collection. Also making a comeback were the company’s characteristic graphics, which this time read “Cyber Punk.” Whether the statement comments on the cool clothing or criticizes this generation’s smartphone-obsession might not be as important as the clothes’ emulation of a 90’s chic aesthetic. A mixture of textures, from furry to studded, assisted in conveying a nonchalant edginess. With metallic, heavily-lined eyes and dark berry lips, the models exuded toughness and confidence.

One outfit seemed to take the grunge-punk aesthetic too far by using pants featuring a tie which bound the model’s upper legs together. Despite its attempts at being fashion forward, the look seemed to be an accident waiting to happen. However, iiJin made up for the clumsy pants with graceful footwear innovations. The models’ taller-than-usual appearance could be attributed to iiJin’s famous invisible wedge shoes. With the appearance of flats on the outside and the height of heels inside of the shoe, the new age of footwear has dawned. This revolution indeed is precious.

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