Ali Webb, Violet Vision Editor

Booming music filled the simple yet modern Skylight Clarkson Square venue as models began to strut clad in the cozy ensembles of the latest DEMOO PARKCHOONMOO collection. Entitled “Warmth,” designer Demi Park’s creations included grey, burgundy, and eggplant shades that added a familiar, welcoming feel to her typical industrial, black-and-white aesthetic.

Park, a Korean designer, sought extensive inspiration from her native country’s traditional clothing. All models wore white, gold, or black Korean “flower shoes,” and long skirts and coats matched historical silhouettes. Several models had their hair in buns secured by chopsticks. Silks and embroidery added a fine touch to Park’s homage to her roots.
Despite abundant elements from traditional Korean outfits, the collection was undeniably modern. Park mixed rich textures like mink, cashmere, and shearling with more delicate fabrics to create an overall look that was both luxurious and flowing. Cozy hats with earflaps, button-down shirts, and loose, industrial cuts brought the past and present together as well. In addition, the line’s color scheme, while departing from the designer’s go-to black and white, was deeper and more desaturated than Korea’s typically-colorful garb. Park combined influence from her childhood, industrial and fashion design education, and experience as a global designer, blending each aspect effortlessly into her signature style.
The final model wore a modernized traditional dress constructed of black sheer and silk fabrics, walking to Korean music. This put a perfect finishing touch on Park’s ode to her roots, offering a relevant reminder of culture’s beautiful, rightful place in modern society.
Ali Webb is the Violet Vision Editor. Email her at [email protected].