Chromat Fall/Winter 2016

Becca McCharen, designer of Chromat, has stayed true to her aesthetic, much of which defies the conventional definition of fashion. Once again, McCharen has created a collection situated at the crossroads of futuristic, three-dimensional shapes and classic lingerie and clothing styles.

While strutting to energetic hip hop and electronic dance music, models of varying sizes and ethnicities debuted the designer’s fall/winter line. The new collection was composed of bright colors that normally belong in warmer seasons, but these tones were included in the signature Chromat method of lingerie and dresses with criss cross and bondage-like patterns, which has been praised by stars such as Beyonce, FKA Twigs, and Lady Gaga, and even Dear White People actress Tessa Thompson.

One of the best moments of the night was when McCharen introduced sportswear. Keeping with the night’s bright blue and turquoise palette, the models wore leggings and shirts similar to those found at LuluLemon.

Overall, the show was successful. McCharen proved that she can maintain her original design direction with three-dimensional, minimal shapes, but for her Fall/Winter 2016 collection, she added bright colors to cheer up the dreariest of seasons.


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