Desigual Fall/Winter 2016

By Nikita Roach, Contributing Writer

Extending a metropolitan handshake across cities worldwide, the Desigual Fall/Winter 2016 collection demonstrated a seamless coalescence of global urban culture. Inspired by the vibrancy of city life, the show transported its audience from the streets of New York City to Sarmarkand—the capital of the silk route—to Alexandria—the capital of knowledge—and, finally, Istanbul, where Asia and the West fuse together.  

Desigual’s aesthetic proved to be a metaphor of 21st century metropolitan life, blurring the lines of city, country, and continent. The show opened with a floral-and-brocade turtleneck with an ankle chiffon floral dress and beret, followed by a 70’s inspired suit with a ruffle collar blouse and suede pouch bag. A Renaissance double-collar brocade coat set the stage for a Russian-inspired velour turtleneck over matching pants, and even an Uzbek-style drape knit coat and tartan page-boy cap.

One standout look was a Mohair-style abstracted strip coat over a floral faux-fur collar anorak and a mini skirt with a burgundy bowler satchel.

The meticulous attention to detail even shone through in the styling choices for each look. With dewy and fresh makeup by MAC, sleek hair worn down, and manicures boldly embellished with real feathers, the collection did justice to the intrepid and resolute women of the greatest cities in the world that inspired it.

With an eye to the trends of next season, Director of Brand Communications Daniel Perez portended seeing, “coats inspired by kimonos, fluid pants with patterns based on the Japanese flora and prints with borders reminiscent of the Ottoman and Byzantine adornments.”

Backstage, Model Liene Podina spoke of her favorite look, saying, “the floral velvet maxi gown with the brocade turban and vegan leather belt and faux-fur stole was beautiful.”  

Notable celebrities in attendance included Nigel Barker and Katherine McNamara.
Fittingly so, the show closed with the Pharrell Williams and Missy Elliot collaboration song, “Where They From,” empowering women worldwide to square their shoulders to the challenges of the urban bustle and combat each day by embracing the idiosyncrasies of their cities and the beauty of their self-concepts.       

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