Casa De Moda by Jessica Lynn Fall/Winter 2016

By Connor Borden, Contributing Writer

Tucked between Madison and 5th avenues on 27th, the unassuming block hides the striking Prince George Ballroom. Rustic with its exposed brick and pipes, but with high ceilings and studio lights, the ballroom finds itself at the intersection of, as described on the CASA de MODA website, “California cool and New York sophistication,” an ideal space for the Casa De Moda Fall/Winter 2016 presentation. Collected and poised, the twelve models displayed a portrait of the 2016 woman: cat-eye sunglasses, statement necklaces and a classic nude heel. Lynn’s point blank dress and total shift dress – along with the diamond skirt – are triumphs, and may well become a trademark.

However, despite being delightful and fun, the clothes lack a strong sense of individuality. Lynn is a new designer, making her debut in September, and has yet to develop pieces recognizable as solely hers. The line is elegant, youthful, and sleek but unimaginative. The line between New York and California is hazy, but I do feel CASA de MODA hosts a delicate blend of styles, one that marries the east and west coasts happily. I am confident that Lynn will continue to develop her brand into a powerhouse that can truly claim a Los Angeles beat and a Manhattan flare.

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