ADEAM Fall/Winter 2016

Hanako, Tokyo-born and NYC-raised designer of ADEAM, featured blush shades in her Fall/Winter 2016 collection. She manages to capture warmth from her two heritages while maintaining a cool, classy look.

The designer’s collection includes a warm palette of mostly black and gray, with a splash of blush to pull everything together. A woven texture is present in a variety of combinations, ranging from heavy knit sweaters to embellishments on coat sleeves. She introduces black and gray half-shearling coats in a style which creates an appeal to an overcoat seldom successfully mastered.

Hanako’s western influence seemingly helped in shaping the majority of her pieces, while her Tokyo fusion sets the pieces apart from other designers’ collections. A particular piece that effectively captures the essence of her vision is a light blush dress, as it combines fabric textures to make them appear almost to weave together. This can be interpreted as a homage to the Japanese woven knitwear that was popular in the past for the Samurai. It can also be seen as a nod to the historical borrowed patchwork many folkware artists used to stitch together.  

Hanako’s unique, thoughtful cross-cultural style distinguishes her line from other, more mainstream collections. She appears to be a designer on the rise that people everywhere should be looking out for in the future, if not already.


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