JSong International Fall/Winter 2016

By Diamond Naga Siu, Deputy News Editor

JSong International’s colorful, bold and playful runway show mimicked the rising phoenix, going above and beyond expectations.  Chinese designer Way Zen found this show to be especially sentimental for her since the show fell within the two-week Chinese New Year celebration period.

Speaking a mixture of Mandarin and English, Zen explained why she chose the ancient animal as the inspiration for her clothing in such a modern time.

“Society is experiencing so many changes right now.  Our system is broken down, so that makes me remember the old tale of the phoenix rising from the light of fire,” Zen said. “We have to go through all these revolutions, and that means fashion has to go back to its original soul to be created and to truly serve humanity.”

JSong is strategically located in New York City to be near the seamstresses, since they place a large focus on design and clothing quality.

“We have less time for these shows after the September one,” Zen said, “I started this collection in December when everybody was preparing for the holidays.  So after they came back this year, we did the pieces and we can respond quickly.”

Similar to her other years, the collection featured many loose pieces with lace and embroidered patterns.  While the outfits were work appropriate, she still incorporated many bright colors to make sure each outfit was unique.  One of the best ensembles in her collection was a denim blue graphic stitched coat paired with a gold organza blouse and denim pants.

Reflecting on her career, “we’ve been in this industry for almost 20 years,” Zen said. “In this world, you have to surround yourself with friends and fashion.  You have to rise up like the phoenix to deserve the friendships.”

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