Craft Atlantic Fall/Winter 2016

David Bologna, Contributing Writer

Aptly titled “the FAST lane,” this season’s menswear collection from local New York brand Craft Atlantic drew inspiration from the well-known concept of the Renaissance man contextualized for the 21st century. With a need for function, versatility and speed all while making a statement, the looks definitely carried an air of wearability that kept them grounded in modern masculine luxury. Just like the Ferrari 250 GTO SWB Berlinetta displayed behind models, the ultimate Craft Atlantic customer is one who strives for the gold in competition while also enjoying the sites along the way.

Navy and grey played the biggest roles in insulated duffle coats, wool jackets and blazers. Grey button-downs came in cotton while a hybrid windbreaker-meets-sweatshirt in charcoal stretch nylon exemplified Fernandez’s own textural renaissance. Plaids and pin-stripes popped with accents of crimson and silver in more hybrid mesh jackets and windbreakers. Outwear being the focus, pants carried a sportier and casual feel in joggers and cargo pants.

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