Zachary Prell Fall/Winter 2016

Ali Webb, Violet Vision Editor

Painted-brick walls and wood floors combined with an intimate space for a hip yet relaxed ambience at Zachary Prell’s Fall/Winter 2016 presentation. Models wore dark, classic colors, tailored pants and a variety of casual lace-up shoes that exuded an air of ‘coolness.’ This was emphasized through the models’ disheveled, voluminous hairstyles and relaxed dispositions. The collection’s accessibility is consistent with Prell’s creativity when it comes to men’s casual wear.  

Recurrent materials, like wool, cashmere and pima cotton were both practical and fascinating. The theme, “Discover,” with an emphasis on rich, luxe detail and exploration of texture and tone, prevailed through tailored button-down shirts and blazers paired with casual shirts, jackets, or sweaters, showing the designer’s innovative ability and refusal of categorization.

Prell’s subtle breaks from tradition justify his place in high fashion. For example, while most models wore pleated pants or tailored jeans, two sported cotton-stretch shorts, an attention-grabbing aspect that may seem strange or impractical at first. The shorts ultimately worked due to shades like charcoal, navy, and burgundy, in addition to an especially relaxed sweater or button-down that effortlessly created a look suitable for a stylish man on an unseasonably warm day.

An eye-catching model stood aside, by the room’s sole bare-brick wall. The sheer simplicity of his look, a black cotton knit shirt and deep charcoal pants, was striking. Simplicity was evident throughout and added timeless style rather than blandness.
The designer seemed proud of his second presentation, which used classic colors and original combination of pieces to create a subtly unique aesthetic. Prell caters to the modern man, and this collection remains true to the modern man. Its luxe materials and innovative assembly encourages being more daring with everyday clothing.

Ali Webb is the Violet Vision Editor. Email her at [email protected].