Robert Geller Fall/Winter 2016

David Bologna, Contributing Writer


Robert Geller turned to literature this Fall/Winter 2016 season, referencing one of his favorite children’s novels, The Grey Men. The modern fairy tale written by German author Michael Ende follows a playful child named Momo in a globalist society dominated by the grey gentlemen who push their capitalist agenda.

With traditional elements of business wear rendered in grey, punk elements took the forefront with studded accessories, leather jackets, skinny pants and wide-brimmed hats. Adding a harsh almost military look to the collection as a whole, each opening outfit emphasized masculinity and structure while later looks added a dash of feminine elegance reminiscent of ’80s style in flowing outerwear.

Hues of mustard and yellow in jackets and cropped pants along with bright purples conveyed the imagination of the innocent literary character Momo. Embroidered lapels and outerwear also displayed the designer’s true knack for craftsmanship.

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