Suitsupply Fall/Winter 2016

David Bologna, Contributing Writer

This season, traditional menswear brand Suitsupply chose to pull their inspiration directly from the canvas. Quoting Mark Rothko’s signature style of blurred colors in his 1949 piece No.3/No.13, the collection reminded fans of the newly established New York Men’s Fashion Week that for better or worse, the roots of conventional male dress remain forever grounded in the suit-and-tie combination.

Two-piece suits in soft grays with subtle plaid accents took the prize for most covetable pieces while reviving bold square motifs. Houndstooth vests in neutral tones and cashmere cardigans in accented shades of ocean blue and off-white added extra texture for layered looks. A copper blazer and a classic black tuxedo rendered in velvet also called out to those fall dressers who dabble in playful textiles. Overall, a solid season of well-crafted and wearable pieces will certainly deliver for any classic menswear customer.

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