Student takes on Fox News with leggings

Addie Weyrich (pictured) asks: “Fox News, I took these pictures in front of a projector – is that okay?”

Anna Letson

Addie Weyrich (pictured) asks: “Fox News, I took these pictures in front of a projector – is that okay?”

Patrick Pauley, Staff Writer

After a YouTube video titled “Leggings ain’t pants PSA” went viral at the end of October, Fox News Channel’s talk show “Fox & Friends” voiced its own opinion on the subject of women wearing leggings. In response, Gallatin sophomore Addie Weyrich launched a satirical video series on Oct. 28 to undermine the segment.

Weyrich first came across the Fox & Friends segment on Facebook, which then led her to watch the Jamie Higdon Randolph’s original video. In response to Randolph’s video, a Fox & Friends segment with a panel of three men evaluated three women wearing leggings on how appropriate they believed the outfits to be. The panelists were three fathers who shared if they would would be comfortable with their daughters wearing the outfits that were modeled.

“Every single person in this world has an opinion, but the men validated Randolph’s,” Weyrich said. “By giving it airtime, they validated her opinion, and they used it almost in the sense of ‘here’s a woman telling women what they can’t wear so we also get to slide in here and tell women what they can’t wear.’”

Passionate about comedy, Weyrich has been performing improv for years and continues to train with Upright Citizens Brigade. At NYU, Weyrich is studying comedy in TV and film and how comedy can be used as a tool to promote social change for promoting social change and positive well-being. Her background, as well as suggestions by others, encouraged Weyrich to create the videos.

In each video, Weyrich portrays the satirical character of a woman who is worried about her outfit. She asks Fox & Friends if her outfit is appropriate. Through these videos, Weyrich is not telling people what to do but is instead calling attention to the question posed by Fox & Friends.

“Leggings are not pants, they are leggings,” Weyrich said. “If they were, they would be called pants. Skirts are not pants. If they were pants, they would be called pants. Can I wear pants whenever? Yes. Can I wear skirts whenever? Yes. Can I wear leggings whenever? Yes.”

Although Weyrich has garnered attention with her videos, she has yet to receive a response from Fox. Until then, Weyrich will continue to post daily videos.

“Each video itself is not very special,” said Weyrich. “It has the same joke, I play the same character, but the video itself is not that special. It’s the persistence of it.”

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