NYU addresses concerns about the inclusion of students of color

The diversity conversation was sparked in a big way last fall with a Diversity and Inclusion Forum in Coles.

Facing pressure to create a more diverse and welcoming environment for students of color at NYU, John Sexton announced plans to scale up resources for the Center for Multicultural Education and Programs in an email on Thursday afternoon.

The email was sent to members of the NYU community as a follow-up to Wednesday’s discussion about diversity on college campuses, in which students aired their grievances about NYU’s perceived lack of action in the conversation about race.

Sexton’s email stated that the university would immediately increase staffing and double the funding for CMEP. Sexton also said the university plans to move forward with development of what he called a “serious diversity training program,” something many students said the university lacked on Wednesday.

“It is a message that too often in the past has gone unheard; it requires attention, action and change,” the email reads. “Yesterday’s event wasn’t the start of the discourse about race, justice, fairness, inclusion, and community at NYU; it certainly won’t be the end.”


At Wednesday’s talk, the students of color at NYU circulated a list of demands for NYU to address their needs, encouraging other students to add to the list before Dec. 1, at which point it will be brought to the administration.

The list included the formal recognition of the Black and Brown Coalition at NYU, more available data on the internal racial dynamics at NYU, a reflection on the university’s role in gentrification and how to combat it, and a continuing dialogue with the Black and Brown Coalition.

The full text of the demands can be viewed here. Other plans on the part of the university include the creation of a committee on diversity and an ongoing dialogue between the the Dean’s Council and members of the NYU community to foster a welcoming environment for all students.


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  1. As a “brown person” I find some of these demands ridiculous. For example – demanding that data be published on student’s sexual orientation, GPA, and financial background? Is this not an invasion of privacy? It is not anyone’s business what my grades are, who I have sex with, or how much money I make. I am happy I am graduating this semester if this is what NYU is going to start demanding now.

  2. Do you not see the blatant racism that is awash at NYU. It is vulgar and horrible. It is part and parcel of a rejection of American values and embrace of the toxic values of Leftism. People with American values care nothing about skin color. It is as important to a human as the color of their sunglasses. Most of you at NYU are obsessed by it. You are constantly focused on how much melanin pigment is in the student body, the faculty, the boardroom. How repulsive and un-American. The only thing people like me with American values cares about is the character of a man; his values; and whether or not he behaves well towards others. Our Universities have become Leftist indoctrination centers full of gross, regressive immoral ideas. You should be ashamed of such racism. That is why among many other reasons most of America also rejects the values of these radical leftist Democratic party. It has not changed since the mid 19th Century when it was also blatantly racist. Most of America left those terrible values behind a long time ago,. Shame on you. Howard Sachs [email protected]


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