#Guccigram turns to art, not photoshop


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An illustration by Gill Button – one of the 31 artists commissioned by Alessandro Michele for #guccigram.

Adryan Son, Staff Writer

Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s latest creative director, has been stealing the spotlight in the fashion world lately. Michele, the man behind Gucci’s hit Spring/Summer 2016 runway, has successfully managed to redefine Gucci’s aesthetics in his own unique way with vibrant colors and one-of-a-kind patterns. As a visionary pioneer, he has now adopted Instagram to fuse together and communicate with the worlds of fashion and art.

Michele has commissioned 31 artists to reinterpret the Italian house’s newest prints, GG Blooms and Caleido, in Instagrammable works of art. The art pieces are tagged and displayed on Instagram with #guccigram. Through the social media site, Michele wishes to highlight and inspire creativity, giving each artist an opportunity to explore the new prints and define them in their own way.

“#GucciGram is a starting point to tell different stories, which are all united by a great freedom,” Michele said in an interview with Vogue. “Today, creativity is often born and finds its voice in digital media, a vital source of visual culture.”

The artists Gucci has chosen come from all over the world with varying levels of fame. Some of the more renowned, influential contributors include Amalia Ulman, The Most Famous Artist and Gill Button. Each artist has their own distinct method of interpreting Gucci’s new prints.

Ulman, an Argentinian-born Spanish artist, captured an image of her back. In the picture, a half-naked Ulman takes a selfie in an airplane restroom with a Gucci pouch hung on the door. The shot appears to be candid with a plethora of aesthetic points. Ulman was the only artist to incorporate this faceless selfie into the campaign.

The Most Famous Artist is a collective group of artists who bring their geniuses to work together on odd jobs of pastiche, upcycling and zeitgeist-creation. They were the only artist collective to be chosen for the campaign. Using Grant Wood’s “American Gothic,” The Most Famous Artist dresses the image of the 20th century American couple in Gucci’s Blossoms and Caleido. The work shows how Gucci’s beauty is not limited to time or space. It doesn’t matter who wears Gucci or when they wear it: they will always look fresh.

Gill Button is a United Kingdom-based artist that created an oil painting for Gucci. Button used GG Blossoms in his painting, the color red on the model’s eyes and top. This gives the woman a stronger, more sophisticated and intelligent look. This particular work shows how Gucci emphasizes a link between the intellectualism of fine art and high fashion.

Overall, Gucci’s latest approach in marketing is catching the fashion world’s attention. A myriad of labels have been depending on skinny models and airbrushed images to promote their brand of beauty. Gucci’s new campaign, however, is a refreshing indication that there is still space for creative minds to flourish and explore in the world of fashion.
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