Warm up with six hot beverage spots

Emily Harris, Staff Writer

Walking to class in autumn is not complete without a hot beverage in hand. The hot beverage market has gone way beyond just soy lattes and green teas. Skip the long line in Starbucks and celebrate the colder temperatures with some unusual warm drinks.

The Uncommons Cafe is located on Thompson Street, a few minutes south of Washington Square Park. They argue they have the best chai ($5.50) in town. Order it with soy milk, almond milk, flavor shots, or even a shot of espresso, which known as a dirty chai. The Indian tea blend is a staple for fall, but it’s hard to find a good chai latte now that the drink is so popular. The Uncommons Cafe definitely does not let down in the chai category.

Speaking of classics, a mocha latte is something La Colombe does better than most coffee shops. Situated on Lafayette Street near 4th Street, the stylish cafe will do wonders for both your Instagram and your love for warm beverages. A mocha latte combines the two best delicacies: the frothy deliciousness of a latte and the inviting taste of mocha. This place has some of the best espresso in town, so don’t just stop at the mocha latte. Shots of espresso never hurt anyone, especially with midterms approaching.

Kopi Kopi is a far cry from a chain coffee shop. Conveniently located on West Third Street, the clean, modern restaurant serves speciality java drinks and Indonesian eats. Must-orders include the Hot Bandrek, which consists of ginger extract, cloves, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and palm sugar. Be sure to sample an Es Alpukat, a layered avocado espresso smoothie.

There’s nothing wrong with going back to the basics. It wouldn’t be October without some apple cider. Stop in at the Little Atlas Cafe for some of the best around the Village. Sweet, tart and the epitome of fall, you can the the classic beverage warm or even chilled over ice. Either way, it’s a must-have.

The new cafe Two Hands has been gaining popularity on Facebook and Instagram. Located in SoHo on the brink of Chinatown, the go-to spot is a great place for warm drinks. The matcha trend continues here, as their matcha latte is a solid win. Not only does it taste great, it also looks especially cute with some cool latte art.

Lastly, Caravan of Dreams is an organic vegan restaurant located on East Sixth Street with a killer coffee, tea and drinks menu. Order a Creamy Machiatto ($11), a tonic elixir that claims to boost your immune system. The drink also steps outside the norm of warm drinks by adding cashew coconut whip cream, and long list of flavors including, tangerine, licorice and ginger. Their tea menu is also stacked with drinks like Fatigue Fighter, Purple Haven and World of Chino. Don’t let the goofy names fool you — Caravan of Dreams takes its drinks and feel-good ambiance seriously.

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