Yuna Yang Spring/Summer 2016

The Yuna Yang Spring/Summer 2016 Collection was simply whimsical. Korean and Japanese inspired with a hint of French softness, this collection was delicately dazzling. Soft and upbeat music adorned the brightly lit room which was sprinkled with seashell-shaped cherry blossom petals.

Yuna Yang stuck to her acclaimed designs that blend together a classic feel with an Asian twist that create the oxymoron of a modern classic. The Japanese cherry blossom appeared on multiple pieces–although the design was slightly overdone, the bright pinks added to the dazzling atmosphere. The use of sakura and Korean inspiration was evident, but was slightly cliche and looked to be somewhat of an imitation.

The models seemed mermaid-like with pastel colored hair that perfectly complimented Yang’s floral color pallet. Her use of lace and sheer fabrics was nothing new, however they did look classic. The array of soft and unique materials revealed a classic Yuna Yang. The black and white pieces of this collection were interesting and appealing, but not extremely iconic or definitive of Yang. However, despite some of her pieces appearing slightly overdone, the whimsy and fairy-tale feel of her collection was delightful. The beautiful designs elicit a classic youthfulness that perfectly defines Yuna Yang.

Julia McFadden is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]



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