Belgian artist talks touring, album


Courtesy of Infamous

DJ Kill Frenzy’s album, “TAYLR_SWFT,” released last November.

By E.R. Pulgar, Music Editor

Berlin-based producer Kill Frenzy is renowned for his unique 4×4 take on deep house. His recent 11-track debut album “TAYLR SWFT” is a far cry from its innocent namesake as it boasts salacious and infectiously catchy electronica, immediately distinctive of Kill Frenzy’s style. Kill Frenzy discussed his unique take on house music, the differences between the American and European scenes and his LP’s misleading name.

WSN: Why did you choose to name your new album “TAYLR SWFT”?
KF: I wanted the name to say absolutely nothing about the music. It has no connotation whatsoever. It would be harder to form an idea of what kind of music will be in the album.

WSN: How has the critical acclaim of “TAYLR SWFT” impacted you?
KF: I just did the most amazing tour in America for the album. It has been the best tour I have ever done. It is also amazing to see some of my DJ heroes play the songs from the album.

WSN: What were your biggest inspirations for the new music?
KF: I always get inspired by the things I listen to at the moment. The one thing that stays pretty constant is my love for ghetto house. Dance Mania keeps inspiring me in everything I do.  I am also inspired by old techno records.

WSN: How is the scene in New York City different from the European scene?
KF: I recently played at Output and Verboten and it was amazing. Those two clubs are my favorites in America. I think the biggest difference, now speaking generally, between Europe and America is that Europeans tend to like the sound of steady 4×4 beats. If I were to play in Europe to warm the people up, I would play way deep house and techno. Americans, on the other hand, are used to hip hop and those types of grooves because they grew up with them. Due to this, I think they are more open to things that don’t have strict 4×4 beats.

WSN: Where do you see your act going in the next couple of years?
KF: I am open to many things, so who knows?  I might catch the live music bug and do some of that stuff, but at the moment I am enjoying just blending tracks together.

A version of this article appeared in the Wednesday, April 29 print edition. Email E.R. Pulgar at [email protected]