NYU Reacts: Speaker speculation

Alex Bazeley, Deputy News Editor

With commencement day just around the corner, students are beginning to wonder who the speaker for the special day will be, but the university has thus far remained silent.

All-University Commencement will be held at Yankee Stadium on May 20. Despite the festivities being less than a month away, the university has yet to give any clues about who the commencement speaker might be, much to the frustration of many students.

Last year’s commencement speaker was Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet Yellen, while other past speakers have included Hillary Clinton and Alec Baldwin.

Members of the NYU community shared their thoughts on the delay and their hopes for whom the speaker might be.

“They absolutely have chosen one and I find it difficult to imagine a reason to delay the announcement. The only thing I can think of is that they’re worried about student protests or calls for a different speaker, and hope to minimize any possible movement by announcing as close to the date as possible. I would be fine with Sexton, but I have zero connection to the man. I’m sure he would give a totally capable speech, but quite frankly I think I’ve heard enough of him over the years and I dislike a lot of what he’s done with the direction of the university, though I think he has overall been a net positive for the school.” — Cameron Mattis, Tisch senior

“I’ve actually been excited about who our commencement speaker would be since I first got accepted into NYU in 2011 because Bill Clinton was the speaker at that commencement ceremony. That being said, when I realized that last year’s commencement speaker was announced the second week of March, I expected it to be announced for us by then as well. So when it wasn’t, I thought for sure Hillary Clinton and they were just waiting until after she announced her candidacy. But now that that’s happened and they still haven’t, I have no idea who it could be.” — Brinley Stanovsek, Stern senior

“I’m not terribly irked about not having a commencement speaker yet, but I am surprised it hasn’t been announced yet. I personally want it to be someone outside of politics, law, finance and Hollywood. Give it to one of the numerous other successful people who call New York City home.” — Scott Cairns, CAS senior

“I know that it’s not Tina Fey or Jon Stewart so I’m already disappointed, but if it’s John Sexton — just nope, it’s not worth the sunburn at Yankee Stadium.” —Bailey Theado, Gallatin senior

“I’m wondering if all this waiting is leading to the announcement that John Sexton will be the speaker as most presidents do for their last year.” — Mallory Corr, Tisch senior

A version of this article appeared in the Wednesday, April 22 print edition. Email Alex Bazeley at [email protected]