Follow style news with fashionable podcasts

Emily Harris, Staff Writer

Walking to class can be boring when you are listening to the same playlists with the same songs. Podcasts have recently gained popularity, replacing music during many people’s daily commute. With this growth, major fashion companies have recognized this niche market and created their own style-related podcasts. Here are some of the best ones to listen to on the walk to class.


“Unbuttoned,” hosted by Yahoo’s style editors and Joe Zee is a favorite among podcasters. Zee provides rather candid opinions on everything surrounding the fashion industry. In the first episode, Zee covers red carpet politics, talking with Ilaria Urbinati about the process of stars sporting designers on the red carpet. Zee always keeps it relevant, light and informational.

Weird Adults

Hailing from Los Angeles, Little Esther is a comedian and host of “Weird Adults.” Make sure to check out her episodes featuring fashion blogger Rumi Neely along with Lauren Alexander, founder of LNA clothing. This podcast dives deep into the world of fashion’s elite, but also assures you that even the people you idolize are just weird adults.

What I Wore When…

If you are constantly on-the-go and do not have that much time to commit to listening to podcasts, Glamour Magazine’s podcast is perfect. Because each episode is under 10 minutes, the mini series “What I Wore When…” will become a must in your routine. Glamour editors and designers share their stories, all in relation to what they were wearing during special occasions in their lives from childbirth to marriage. It is hilariously addictive.

Stuff Mom Never Told You has a podcast titled “Stuff Mom Never Told You.” The podcast covers everything from science-fiction to social media and how they impact the world. It blends fashion and style with other social topics, with one episode featuring a connection between haute couture and feminism. There is another episode that touches on modest dressing, which is very relevant to current controversies in fashion news.

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