Heat up your style selection for spring

Grace Halio, Contributing Writer

With the hopes that winter will not rear its snowy head again anytime soon, it is time to start planning a wardrobe that can take you from the slush to the sun. You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank, because those winter basics that have been hiding underneath puffy coats can easily be repurposed for spring by focusing on a staple garment and reworking other aspects of your look.

A striped T-shirt

In the winter, a striped long sleeve T-shirt pairs well with super dark wash jeans, a puffy coat and combat boots. Come spring, keep the T-shirt but try out lighter, distressed jeans cuffed to the ankle. Add a cute pair of sneakers — Nikes, Saucony 6000 or New Balance 1400 — to lighten up the look. Finally, throw on a bright rain jacket and a hat to prepare for unpredictable weather.

A houndstooth skirt

Another classic piece is a houndstooth skirt, which has a lifespan far beyond winter. This skirt, paired with a heavy black knit sweater, tights and chelsea boots, is cozy in chilly weather, but as the flowers start to bloom, opt for lighter layers on top. A tank top and blazer allow for more versatility with the changing weather but still keep the outfit sophisticated.

A white button-down

White button-downs are a piece that will never fail you. In the winter, they are great for layering underneath a sweater, and in the spring they can easily stand alone. Pair one with high waisted jeans, knot the top at the bottom and swap out your sweater for a more sensible vest. It is also important to consider footwear — riding boots work in the fall and winter, but in the spring, try black ballet flats or classic leather loafers.

Khaki jeans

In the wintertime, a structured black top, khaki green jeans and rain boots make tromping through the snow a breeze. Though New York weather is unpredictable, you will hopefully be able to shed your long coat, boots and layers by the time March rolls around. For an even fresher look, pair the pants with a relaxed white top and boat shoes or ballet flats.

Spring is a season of transition: focus on simple pieces, often the ones that you love most, and restyle them with lighter pieces and choosing less bulky footwear. Tank tops with army jackets or quilted jackets are just warm enough. Store your tall boots for next fall and get the most use out of some classic black booties that go with everything. One of the best parts of the season is that you can still wear your best winter sweaters, but now you don’t need a jacket — maybe just a scarf in case the wind picks up.

A version of this article appeared in the March 25 print edition.  Email Grace Halio at [email protected]