Tips for being vegan in Berlin

It turns out that for being the land of wurst, Berlin’s vegan scene is arguably the best outside of New York City.

Options abound for cruelty-free eaters:

100% Vegan

It’s a good time to be a vegan in Berlin — plan ahead and you can find a slew of completely vegan restaurants and cafes on all price levels, from The Lucky Leek toward the higher end to small shops like Veggie Vegan Shop for groceries or lunch. For after class, Chaostheorie is a cafe/bar near the Academic Center that specializes in vegan drinks and cocktails. Download the free Berlin Vegan app, which pinpoints nearby vegan and vegan-friendly locales of all types.


Ist dass vegan?

It is not uncommon to find vegan-friendly options, labeled as such or otherwise, at omnivorous eateries. Trendier spots around the Academic Center frequently advertise daily vegan offerings, but old standbys work too. Falafel shops are on every corner, and at Italian restaurants, a simple marinara pizza usually sits alongside its cheesy counterparts.

The Self-Made Vegan

Cooking at home is an important way to save money for people on any diet, but for the vegan-inclined, most grocery stores in Berlin have vegan/vegetarian sections where you can find tofu and mock meats — including wurst. For everything else, learn the German words for egg, milk, and other unwanted ingredients so you can scan packaging quickly.



  1. Berlin is really a city of contrasts. It is a forerunner in terms of sustainable development, on its way to become an exemplary green European capital by 2020, with over 9% of its population vegetarian already. But with also nearly 70 millions currywurst sold every year in the city, we can also wonder if the vegan challenger will win anytime soon…


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