Malan Breton Fall/ Winter 2015

Gabby Brooks, Contributing Writer

Malan Breton’s Fall/ Winter 2015 show opened with Frankie Grande, Broadway star and YouTube persona, in a cranberry satin suit. Breton, who is known for shift dresses, silk suits and bright colors, showcased an extensive collection that elegantly combined his traditional flair in both a futuristic and vintage-inspired manner.

Grande walked out through fog wearing a reflective helmet reminiscent of Daft Punk’s signature look, setting the theme of the futuristic looks that appeared throughout the collection. The menswear featured Breton’s traditional silk suits in bold colors. Several pieces featured subtle floral patterns that–especially when paired with a deep cranberry fabric–were vaguely reminiscent of the Taiwanese designer’s oriental heritage. Jewel tones and reflective silk gave off a space-age feel, while fine tailoring and Oxford shoes provided a traditional style that toned down otherwise over-the-top ensembles.

A notable look from the womenwear was a rose tulle gown with all-over tiers. The delicate fabric and subtle sheerness was flattering on the model, and was paired with a simple pump, chunky necklace and a coral lip for an elegant look. Other highlights were traditional silk shift dresses and gowns. The fitted dresses in basic black and white palettes were paired with minimal accessories and provided a provocative, wearable look.

Some of the womenswear pieces fell short, such as a silk floral gown. The long-sleeved dress had a flattering empire waist, but the all-over pattern was too busy and, while flattering when it was styled in different shapes, the long sleeves were overwhelming.

Actress and model Kiera Chaplin ended the show wearing an extravagant peach tulle gown paired with a matching veil, a gold crown and a beaded orange necklace. Chaplin and Breton walked arm-in-arm, proposed a toast and thanked the audience.

Spotted: Miss Teen USA K. Lee Graham and Miss USA Nia Sanchez

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