The Art Institutes Fall/Winter 2015

Anubhuti Kumar, Contributing Writer

Twelve designers, one show, presented by The Art Institutes. After months of hard work and grueling competition with other Art Institutes students and alumni, these young talents finally had the opportunity to feature their designs at New York fashion week.

Each designer presented a collection of  six outfits and the runway was graced with many eye-catching showstoppers. A montage of menswear and womenswear, evening wear and more casual outfits, the collections were mostly set to upbeat pop music.

Alexa DiBasio’s collection stood out as edgy, modern and stylish, with generous uses of blacks and leather. Jesus Romero’s designs brought a current touch to elegant, flowing chiffon textiles set mostly in white and black.

However, the Parker Trumble collection stole the show. He said he strove for a “futuristic look, mixing an organic then industrial geometric feel to the piece.” A stunning standout look was a dusty purple full-length evening gown with embroidered silver bead work. The models sported ponytails–bringing a down-to-earth sense to an otherwise very formal gown–rendering the look unique and eye-catching.

These designers showed the audience at Lincoln Center what’s in store for the future of fashion.

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