Georgine Fall/Winter 2015

Lauren Craddock, Staff Writer

PETA may not be happy, but the Georgine Fall/Winter 2015 collection stuck to their signature style with an added fur flare. Clunky, patterned Mary Jane shoes, smokey eyes, bold lips and short curly afros were all apart of creating the chic looks of the collection.

Similar to the Georgine’s 2014 Fall/Winter Collection, the line carried magenta hues with touches of gold and gun-metal metallics. The atmosphere was the perfect contrast to the loose, bohemian feel of the line. Rock covers mixed with electronica played soundtrack to the runway show.

The models had eye-catching matching magenta lips, and short, dark brown curly afros.  The sleek but loose silhouettes of the pieces in the collection were reminiscent of a 20s flapper girl stepping into modern New York.

The most eye-catching element were the ending seven fur coats. “Plum with Pink Teddy”, “Green lamé with mustard teddy”, orange, mustard and blue were among the bold fall fur coats with fur tails attached in various ways.

The audience was most intrigued by the closing seven looks , as the short pause between the rest of the collection signaled a finale. Overall, the show took the styles of collections past and revamped them for the 2015 fall and winter season. It was apparent in this collection that the 2015 Georgine girl is confident, sexy and has edge.

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