Prêt à Porter Fall/ Winter 2015

Gabby Brooks, Contributing Writer

The Fall/Winter 2015 Prêt à Porter collective showcased Moises Quesada, Bea Rodriguez, and Graa Clothing. Held in the Affinia Hotel’s grand ballroom, the room’s chandeliers, billowy curtains, and the dreamy music added to the ethereal feel of the show.

The show began with Quesada’s collection, titled “Epic,” inspired by fairies and magical forests. Loose-fitting white dresses added to the magical sense, while floral-printed lace tights played to the inspirations from nature. A notable print was a pastel green, floral pattern that appeared in three dresses.  Styled as a sleeveless mini dress, an embroidered halter dress, and a three-quarter sleeved dress with an embroidered collar, the pattern was stunningly versatile and highlighted the designer’s strengths of embroidering and fine tailoring.

Many of the outfits were paired with electric pink lipstick, fur shawls or cardigans and pill clutches, creating a cohesive look that highlighted the magical forest theme.

Rodriguez also drew inspiration from nature in her collection “Klimpted.” Inspired by Gustav Klimt’s paintings, greens, greys, blacks and browns were prominent in her pieces. The first look was a cream no-sleeve coat paired with a headscarf, silk body suit and white chevron tights. While the coat had potential, it was distracted by the mismatched pairings and unflattering combination of textures.

The most notable look was a show-stopping tulle gown. It featured a black satin top, a black tulle skirt with a green tulle underlay and a long veil trailing down the runway. While the collection stuck to a cohesive color palette, clashing accessories and textures distracted from the focal points of the outfits.

Graa clothing, a Norwegian menswear brand, concluded the show. Inspired by the skateboarding community and urban style, the pieces were minimalist and fresh. One model wore a traditional white button-down paired with black slacks and black oxfords. Paired with a taupe bomber jacket, the outfit provided a new alternative to an everyday look.

Spotted: Lady Gaga

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