Yuna Yang Fall/Winter 2015

Amanda Morris, Staff Writer

Yuna Yang hit the bullseye with her latest Fall/Winter 2015 collection entitled “Hunting Without Guns.” Yang’s inspiration came from a desire to transform typical hunter’s gear–such as boots, plaid clothing and guns–into glamorous yet wearable looks. One particularly impressive detail were sparkly decals around the waists, placed in such a way to look like disguised gun holsters.

All of the models featured a dark purple lip and had their hair in sleek buns. The footwear ranged quite a bit; models sported leather boots, shiny, dark sneakers, pointy heels and plaid sneakers with decal embellishments on the front. The looks varied greatly as well but remained cohesive through their repurposing of plaid fabrics and subtle flowery details.

It was refreshing to see Yang step out of her comfort zone and experiment with heavier textiles as well as more somber, serious colors. However, Yang’s sense of playfulness still showed through in the collection, through her employment of many lace and sheer details, commonly seen in her past collections. A particular favorite among the crowd was a brown and green plaid dress with a full-length sheer skirt that was almost entirely see-through and had side slits that went all the way up to the model’s hips. It was understatedly provocative.

Two other standout looks were a metallic gold silk shirt with a brown and black laced skirt and a little black dress. The metallic gold shirt was slightly sheer and stood out against the laced skirt in a way that made it captivating. As for the little black dress, Yang provided her own twist on the classic by pairing it with black fuzzy earmuffs, black leather boots and puffy black leather gloves.

Yang’s personal favorite look was her last look–a pastel blue dress that was a cross between a cape and a coat. It was effortlessly chic in its simplicity.

Yang said of her inspiration, “Guns to me are a little scary. Doing research, I found out that hunting was thought to be almost a glamorous hobby. I wanted to combine guns with something fun like sports and create a high end collection.”

However, despite her recent interest in guns, Yang notes that she will just stick to observing from a distance, saying, “Guns are too heavy for me!”

Kady Z, a professional singer in the crowd, was wearing one of Yang’s designs to attend the show. She said she was impressed with the new collection, saying, “It was so easy and fun and serious and fashionable all in one, if that makes any sense.”

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