Helen Yarmak Fall/Winter 2015

Grace Halio, Contributing Writer

Walking into the Helen Yarmak Fall/Winter 2015 presentation, “The Metamorphosis Collection,” paralleled that of stepping into a party straight out of old New York. Frank Sinatra’s voice poured into the room as guests and models strolled around. The floor-to-ceiling windows of the twenty-third floor penthouse lent a beautiful view of the sunset over the city. Guests of the Russian designer mingled as models outfitted in chocolate brown fur capes and matching hats circled the crowd. Everyone was encouraged to take photos with and of the models in the causal, classy environment. Occasionally, stylists would come around to the models and demonstrate the transformative beauty of each piece: long fur coats became vests, long sleeved looks became sleeveless and many of the garments were reversible, presenting a whole new identify for the collection.

The models disappeared and then re-emerged in second looks. They were wearing glamorous white and grey hooded vests, coats, shawls and muffs adorned with geometric diamond patterns. These looks all transformed as well, and it was captivating to see how each piece could stand on its own, regardless of the styling. Each model was dressed identically underneath the furs: cozy knit black sweaters or white tops, black skinny pants, and black, leather, pointy toed stiletto boots. The makeup was fresh with a bold, burgundy lip; simple low ponytails polished off each look.

Despite the sophisticated ambiance of the presentation, it was slightly confusing to guests how long the event was. It was almost as if it was so relaxed and casual that there was an uncertainty as to when each new look would appear.

One of the most unique aspects of Yarmak’s presentation was this casual air of the event. Guests had the opportunity to try on and model various fur pieces that lined the room. Some of the most notable and fun looks were pastel blue and pink fur vests.

Yarmak said that her “…Inspiration for the collection was life itself,” and that she could not select one favorite piece from the collection because its existence as a whole is what makes it so special.

“The Metamorphosis Collection” overall conveyed the idea of a timeless, illuminated spirit that has the power to express itself through elegant and transformative means.

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