Giovanni Cattleya Fall/Winter 2015

Anubhuti Kumar, Contributing Writer

Giovanni Cattleya, a New York based ready-to-wear brand, made bold choices with their latest collection.  Like previous seasons, Cattleya played with unique statement pieces such as bright slacks in pops of green, as well as floral prints.

The understated embroidered suits also stood out as unique from most other designers, but is a staple for Cattleya.  The ambiance was a bit under developed, and could have used a change in lighting, straying to something softer. Music could have built more excitement and vibrancy around the collection, but the clothes still spoke for themselves.

Despite the shortcomings in the presentation, the collection was marked with subtlety and elegance without losing freshness. Cattleya’s own modern take on traditional silhouettes was apparent through the handcrafted and detailed embroidery that elegantly covered a cream and a black suit. A double breasted navy blue vest stood out as exceptionally sophisticated, which balanced well with more whimsical green pants.

The use of accessories in this presentation added significantly to the glamour and style of the looks as a whole. Contrasting ties and well placed hats made the clothes look modern and somewhat edgy.  This collection is just another example of menswear taking over fashion week this season.   

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